Tis (STILL) the season to be jolly folks! Mince pies are acceptable until the new year begins in my opinion if, like me this Christmas, you've been wondering why you don't have them more often.  I was treated to these homemade beauties by a very special very generous very talented friend of mine renowned for the magic she makes in her kitchen. Here it is folks, mince pies made easy.

Despite my best efforts, the pastry recipe for these was sadly unpoachable but I did find great pastry recipes here if you want it from scratch or here if you can't be fooked because life's too short.

Hannah did the hard work and pre-made the pastry with all the trimmings and decorations so it was ready for us to fill and bake. She quickly set us to work conveyor belt style. We used shop bought mincemeat (although you can do like Mary Berry and make your own here) which apparently is perfectly acceptable also. We got to work conveyor belt style.

Well, I say we. I was in charge of documenting so my hands were sorta busy but in a way that's helping too I'm sure of it. She had some leftover marsipan we she brought along, a lovely little addition to any mince pie filling. 

Once done, they were baked by Hannah's capable eye until they were lovely and golden brown. 

Handy tip for you guys, the baking parchment strips make for super easy fuss free removal of the pies from their tray holes. 

To serve, remove from said holes, plate up and dust with sufficient icing sugar.

They came out crumbly, tart, and sweet - absolutely spot on and extremely Christmassy. 

We powered through most of the pies with a couple fingers of port and some quality conversation of course. It was the perfect way to kickstart the Christmas season and a recipe I'll be trying again in the New Year. Just because.


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