Looking back at 2015, on thing I fell even more in love with was as the year progressed was photography, a hobby I now wish I had embraced this fully years and years ago! All that time wasted not behind the camera makes me want to cry haha.

 I've always owned point and shoot cameras and learned how to load film into my Dad's camera long before I hit my tweens. 2016 is about bringing it. That means knowing when I pick a camera up and take a photo, what comes out is what I envisioned.

Instagram is the perfect place to indulge if you are also a keen shutterbug like I am. If you're not following me already then get on it! I promise to keep trying to give you something worth looking at and most importantly, not a selfie in sight. Case in point, all the photos above are my own - just a sample of what following me will bring :)

Here are my current favorite Instagram accounts you should definitely follow also:

Gorgeous photos from our very own coast.

Insane land and city scape photos from San Francisco and beyond.  

Tons of travel inspo from this globetrotting English duo. Check out their offshoot feed at @hloblog too.

Awesome street photography from this London based photo fiend. Really wish he'd post more!

More awe inspiring cityscape photography.

London boy with skills for street and portraits.

If you love New York then this dude will give you life.

Yours truly! An up and coming photofiend finding her eye, mostly documents London. Feed is more photography less selfies. 

There are tons more I'm sure so if there's someone who should have been on that list then let me know! Plenty of space on my feed for awesomeness! Enjoy!


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